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Reader's Notice


The scope of our consultations covers all issues related to library services, resources and utilization. If your problems are beyond the scope of the above, please forgive us for not being able to respond.


If you are experiencing difficulties in using a database, in order to save your time, we suggest you use the QQ consultation to communicate with us online.


We give priority to the readers of the school, so please provide your real name, unit, certificate number and other identification information when you consult, we will strictly protect the reader's personal privacy.


For frequently asked questions, we will publish them in the FAQ from time to time.


Guidelines for entry

  1. 图书馆开放时间?

1. What is the library opening time?


A: The opening time of our library is from 08:00 to 22:00 all week.

  1. 我校读者入馆须持什么证件?

2What documents do I have to hold as readers to enter the library?


A: The library implements the system of credit card admission. The readers and library staff of the college should swipe the campus card to enter the library. Under normal circumstances, our school readers will use the campus card to enter library at the entrance of the entrance hall. They must pass the RFID security door when you leave the hall.


3. I have a campus card, but why is it invalid when I enter the library?


A: In the new semester of each academic year, the library integrated management system automatically obtains student information and opens the access authority by the campus information center. Some readers who cannot swipe their cards can handle the registration information on the second floor of the library.


New cards that have been re-applied when the campus card is lost will generally be activated 24 hours before being swiped into the library. For details, please go to the East Service Desk on the second floor of the library for consultation.


4. I am a freshman. I have already received the admission letter, but I have not yet completed the admission procedure. Can I go to the library in advance?


A: Yes, readers who have received the offer letter can register to the security office with the admission notice and identity card.


5. Can I use others campus card to enter the library?


A: No. Campus Card is for personal use only. It is not allowed to borrow or use other people's campus cards to enter the library. For those who do not obey regulations of the Library, the guards have the rights to prevent them from entering the exhibition; for those who have serious circumstances and do not listen to the dissuasion, the guards must hand them over. Handleing or reporting to the school security department.


6. Can I put personal books and stuff in the library?


A: The library is not responsible for keeping any personal belongings. Personal items should be kept safely by yourself during the self-study reading. When your study ends and the study room is closed, please take away your personal items.You are at your own risk; if your personal items are lost or damaged.


7Can an off-campus readers enter the library? Can they borrow books and use electronic resources if they can?


A: The off-campus visitors is registered with the unit's introduction letter or personal valid certificate, and can be temporarily admitted to entering the library after being confirmed by the security duty officers. The paper resources in the open area can be viewed only, and books and electronic resources cannot be borrowed. For safety reasons, the off-campus reader will be restricted during the peak period.


8. Can I still use the library resources when I graduated?


A: The library's resources and services are mainly for teachers and students in campus, the graduate alumni can be temporarily admitted to the library after registering with the alumni ID card at the gate's security., but it is only allowed to view paper resources .


9. Can the seat of the library be seated at will?


A: No. The readers of the campus can choose to read the seats on the seat management system on the library website or the reading seat selection machine set in the library, and sit in the agreed time range, one person is allowed to sit a seat only.


10. What should I notice after entering the library?


A: Readers must abide by the Reader's Code of Conduct, protect the literature resources and public facilities, keep quiet, do not carry food, do not move the tableand chairs privately, please operate the keyboard and mouse softly, do not show off and do indecent behaviors in library. Respect each other, and do a civilized reader.


  1. Where should I go if I want to review and recite lessons?


    A: The library has a reading room on the northeast corner of the first floor. Students who want to endorse can go to the reading room.




    1. Whatkindsofself-helpequipmentsdoesthelibraryhave?


    A: In order to facilitate the readers, a variety of self-service devices have been set up in the library, including OPAC search machine, RFID self-service lending machine, self-service seat reservation machine, Goethe electronic newspaper reader,GoetheE-book borrower, self-service water dispenser, etc.


    2How to use the seats and study rooms of the library?


    A:There's an information sharing space on the second floor,a multimedia literature learning area on the fifth floor and the sofas in some leisure areas,all reading and learning seats must be reserved before using it.


    3How do I reserve library seats and study rooms?


    4How do I reserve library seats and study rooms?

    A:There are many ways to reserve library seats and study rooms:

  2. 网上预约,登录新乡医学院三全学院图书馆网站http://lib.sqmc.edu.cn/,点击“阅览座位、研修室预约服务”进行预约。

    1Appointment online.Go to the library website of the Sanquan College of Xinxiang Medical University athttp://lib.sqmc.edu.cn/.

  3. 直接在图书馆二楼信息共享空间及五楼多媒体阅览区电脑桌面上进行预约。点击“IC空间管理系统”进行预约。

  4. (2) You may make reservations directly in the information sharing space on the second floor of the libaray and on the computer desktop of the multimedia reading area on the fifth floor. Click IC space management systemto make an appointment.


In addition,reservations can also be made on-site at the reservation deskin the east hall on the second floor of the library and confirmed by credit card.


5When is the use of the study room of projection room deemed as a breach of contract ?What are the penalties for breach of contract?


A: There are many situations in default:

  1. 未在规定时间内(30分钟内)刷卡进入

  2. (1) Did not swipe in within the specified time (within 30 minutes)


(2) The readers on the reservation list do not have all the cards to enter.


(3) Carrying food, drink or other uncivilized behaviors when you used.


the system deducts 100 points from the reserved readers and can no longer use the reservation on the same day.400 points per reader, after the default, After the credit is deducted, cancel the one-month appointment.


6What is my account number and password when I use the library computer? How long will it take ?

A: All the teachers and students of our school can use the library computers. When you log on, you can log in to the account number as the student number. The initial password is the last six digits ofyour ID card. The free time for each person is limited to 3 hours per day.


7.Howtoapplyforthelibrary's academiclecturehallandotherspace?

A: You can make an appointment and apply in the Library Home  Download Center Application Form for Library Multimedia Hall to download the relevant application form. For specific questions, please contact the relevant teacher: Mr. Guo, Tel: 0373-7375005.


8.If I take private computer to study in the library,is there any power outlet in the library?


A: There are power outlets under the most reading tables at the library training room, readers can bring your own mobile devices charge them.


Resource look-up


1 What database electronic resources does the library have?


A: The library has purchased Chinese database resources such as China's main literature databases (CNKI, Wanfang Medicine, Chongqing Weipu, Superstar Huiya e-books), including more than 9,800 electronic journals, nearly 600,000 e-books, and hundreds of Newspapers, reference books, hundreds of thousands of dissertations, etc. There are also a number of trial and free shared literature resources, covering all disciplines in our college.


2. How to access the database resources of the library?


A: Log in to the website of Sanquan College Library and click on theCommon Digital Literature Resourcessection to browse various databases. If you want to determine the type of document you are looking for, you can click on the corresponding database to enter the document subject word you want to find, you can find the relevant literature.


3.What rules can be followed if I want to look for a library of paper books and magazines?


A: The library's collection is scientifically classified, cataloged, and organized in accordance with the Chinese Library Classification (referred to as the Chinese Library Classification). It is divided into five basic categories, with a total of 22 major categories, using alphanumeric mixed number systems.


They are: A Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, B Philosophy, Religion, C Social Science General, D Politics, Law, E Military, F Economy, G Culture, Science, Education, Sports, H Language, Text, I Literature, J Art, K History, Geography, N General Science, O Mathematical Sciences and Chemistry, P Astronomy, Earth Science, Q Biological Sciences, R Medicine, Health, S Agricultural Science, T Industrial Technology, U Transportation Transportation, V Aviation, Aerospace, X Environmental Science, Safety Science, Z Comprehensive Books.


Readers understand the organization of the library collection, you can easily find the book and the location of the book through the Collection Catalogue Search System (OPAC).

  1. 馆藏纸质文献是怎么分布的?

4. How is the collection of paper documents distributed?






































The variety of books

Whether to borrow

South   of the second floor

New   book exhibition area

Elaborate   books


West   of the second floor

Current   periodical reading area

Current   periodicals


East   of the third floor

Natural   science literature reading area

K-Z   books


West   of the third floor

Expired   journal reading area

Expired   binding journals


South   of the third floor

Medical   literature reading area

R   books


North   of the third floor

Social science literature reading area

A-K   books


South   of the fifth floor

Teaching   reference reading area

K-Z   preservation books


Featured   literature collection area

The   donate books from social institutions and alumni



5. How to find the paper resources in the collection?

答:通过馆藏目录检索系统(OPAC)查阅, OPAC又常称为联机公共目录系统,是读者查找馆藏的检索工具。本校读者可以在OPAC中进行图书查询、办理续借、查询个人借阅情况等操作。查询方法包括:

A: Through the collection catalogue retrieval system (OPAC), OPAC is often referred to as the online public directory system, which is a search tool for readers to find collections. Readers of the school can conduct book enquiries, renew loans, and check personal borrowings in the OPAC. The query method includes:

  1. 在图书馆网站首页自助馆藏书目检索(OPAC)进行检索操作。

    (1) Perform the search operation on the homepage of the library website  Self-help  Collection of Bibliographic Search (OPAC).

  2. 图书馆在二楼东和一楼西分别设置了四台和两台OPAC检索机,读者可在OPAC检索机上自助查找。

    (2) The library has set up four OPAC search machines on the east of the second floor and two OPAC search machines on the west of second floors, the readers can search for information by themselves on the OPAC search machine.


    6. Where can I see journals and magazines?


    A: The library orders more than 1,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals every year, and it is collected in the west of the library. It can be inquired through the Catalogue of Books and Periodicals (OPAC). For the collection, please refer to the Library Home->Personal Library->Journal Navigation for viewing.


    7. Why can't journals be borrowed?


    A: Thejournals have strong timeliness, continuity, and short reading time. There is only one volume in the first period. If it is borrowed, other readers cannot read, lose or damage, which will destroy the integrity of the journal. For this reason, it is not appropriate to borrow.


    8What should I do if I want to read the book that not included in the library?


    A: The library website has a reader recommendation section. Readers can log in to the official website of Sanquan College. After logging in to the personal library, select Reader's RecommendationForm Recommendation to recommend paper resources and electronic resources. The staff will be aggregated in time. Please check the collection before bidding to avoid repeated purchases.


    9. What should I do if I open the Howard.com, but which do not log in to the account of Sanquan College of Xinxiang Medical University automatically?


    A: The campus network can be logged in automatically. If you cannot log in on the campus, click Login and select IP Login. If it can'tstill, it should be reflected to the library staff in time to help (other literature databases are similar).


    10. After a database is open , the web page is not fully displayed, and some icons disappear. What should I do?


    A: Close other programs on your computer, try changing your browser, and then re-open it.


    11. Why can't I use a database sometimes in the campus network?


    A: For users in the campus network, some databases in the library cannot be used. The reasons may be that the number of concurrent users is full, the browser is incompatible, the network is not smooth, the database server is faulty, and the IP is blocked. For the above reasons, you can try to use the following methods: try again in another time; change the browser; contact the network service provider; contact the database librarian and check if there is any violation of excessively downloading.


    12. Why can't the full text of the paper downloaded from HowNet and Wanfang be opened?

    答:知网默认的下载格式为CAJ格式,需要下载CAJViewer全文阅读器查看;也可选择下载PDF格式,万方下载的论文为PDF格式,需要下载Adobe Acrobat Reader阅读器查看。

    A: The default download format of HowNet is CAJ format, you need to download the CAJ Viewer full-text reader to view it. You can also download the PDF format. The downloaded paper is in PDF format and you need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


    13. Can the database be accessed outside the college?


    A: Yes. The library database resource obtains part of the off-campus access rights, and the teachers can access the library website through the shared account assigned to each department. Readers can install the Sanquan Medical College Mobile Library on the mobile phone or follow the official WeChat of the library and bind to your personal account.


    14. Is the Superstar Reader on our computers the same as the Superstar Mobile Library?


    A: Their book data is all superstar e-books, but they are not synchronized and their functions are a little different. The superstar reader on the computer can only be used as a tool for reading e-books download from the computer. It does not require login or other functions. The Superstar Mobile Library is not just a reader. After logging in to a personal account, it is also a very comprehensive reading and learning platform that integrates collections, online inquiry and reading of books and videos.


    15. What is the account password of Superstar Mobile Library? What if I can't log in?


    A: Account number: student number; password: six digits after the ID card (including letters, uppercase input); if you can't log in, tell the library staff to change the password in time.


    16. Can I continue to use the library database after graduation?


    A: The database resources are permitted to be used by teachers and students in school. After graduation, there is no permission.


    17. How can I learn to use electronic resources to look up documents quickly?

    A: You can participate in training seminars held by the library or the courses related to elective literature search and library utilization.


    Library-lending service


    1. How many books can I borrow? How long can I keep them?



    A: For certified readers, the number of books of undergraduate and junior college students is no more than 5, and the number of books of faculty members is no more than 10 at a time. Short-term training students are only allowed to read in the library and cannot borrow books .


    The time for borrowing books: 3 months for teachers and 1 month for students. The loan can be renewed once after the expiration of the loan.

  3. 如何借书?

    2. How to borrow books?


    A: The readers hold the campus card and the books he wants to borrow from the RFID self-service borrowing and returning machine. Click borrowing books to borrow. The RFID of borrowing and returning machine has two sets on the second floor and the west of the first floor. When the equipment fails, you can go to the service desk to process the loan.


    3. How to return the book?


    A: You can hold the books to the library during the opening hours, and complete the book return by self-circulation book machine. You can also complete the book return by using 24 hours self-circulation book machine on the second floor at other times . After returning the books, please pay attention to the returning machine to indicate whether the process of book return is successful, or log in to the personal library to check the borrowing record in time to see if it has been successfully returned. If it is still in the current borrowing status, please go to the service desk to explain the situation to the staff as soon as possible, then the staff will amend the status of the book return.


    4 How to renew a book?


    (1) Hold the borrowed books to the library self-service of borrowing and returning machine, and click Renew to operate.


    (2) After the reader's card is attached to the official WeChat public account of the Sanquan College Library of Xinxiang Medical College, click My Borrowing to operate the books that need to be renewed (now unable to bind accounts due to network technology problems, recommend others ).


    (3) Log in to the official website of Sanquan College Library of Xinxiang Medical College http://lib.sqmc.edu.cn/, and log in to the personal library and choose to renew in My Borrowing under the Personal Library module. The book is operated.


    Renewal of the book period from the date of renewal, readers need to grasp the renewal time.


    5 How is the overdue fee calculated and paid?


    A: The reader should return the borrowed books on time. If you do not return books on time, it will not be renewed. The overdue fee will be calculated from the date of expiration. Each book will be 0.1 yuan per day. On the date of returning the book, readers will need to pay the overdue fee at the East Service Desk on the second floor of the library.


    6 In addition to overdue fees, will there be other penalties?


    A: Yes, if the overdue fee is not paid in time, readers will not be able to continueto borrow books.


    7 Can the overdue fee generated by borrowing books be paid through the Internet?


    A: It is not availableat present. You can only go to the library and swipe your campus card to deduct the overdue fee.


    8Does hold an expired book affect the continued borrowing of books?


    A: If you have an expired book and continue to borrow books, you must return the expired books firstly.


    9 If I lost the books borrowed from the library, what should I do?


    A: If the books and magazines borrowed are damaged or lost, the principle of compensation for the purchase of the same version or the new version of the book shall be used. The book of compensation shall be neat and tidy,and the book insults the smudge are not accepted . It is allowed to purchase within 1 month after the loss. The overdue before and after the loss of the report shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the book borrowing rules. When you purchase a book of the same version or a new version, you will be compensated according to the following rules:


    (1) Loss of general books and periodicals shall be compensated 5 times of the original price. The precious book journals with collectible value are compensated 10 times of the original price.


    (2) Loss of an orphan book, foreign language original book, reference book, 10 times the original price.


    (3) The loss of multiple volumes of one book in the entire book, but not a single book of zero purchasers, 10 times the average book price of the entire book price.


    10How to check my borrowing information and return time?


    A: Please log in to the Personal Library in the upper right corner of the homepage of the library website to check the borrowing information, returning time, and renewing operations. You can also view the borrowing information if you have installed the mobile library or followed the official WeChat and tied your personal account.


    11 What is the account number and password for logging in to the Personal Library?


    A: The account number is the student number or job number, and the initial password is 6 digits after the ID card.

    12、请问怎么根据索书号来找到对应的书籍?比如我想知道R47/Z450 在哪里?

    12 How do I find the corresponding book based on the number of the book? For example, I want to know where is the R47/Z450?


    A: The call number is the basis for the library literature and the readers to obtain the documents. Through the OPAC search, the R47/Z450 is the medical and healthy books, which can be found in the medical and health reading area according to the Labeling instructions in the library.


    13Why can't I find the book in the shelf?


    A: There are many reasons for this, including:


    (1) The loan book has just been returned and has not yet been available.


    (2) Some readers are reading the book in the library but have not borrowed it yet.


    (3) The book is being processed or is very old. If you have not found it several times, please ask the help to desk staff for assistance.


    14What should I do if the book borrowing records do not match the actual situation, or the books that have already been returned are still in my account?


    A: In the above situation, please go to the library service desk to find the staff to check the account information.


    Other problems


    1.What is the problem with the network connection in the library?


    A: The network in the library is built and maintained by the campus network management center. If there is a fault, we can reflect it on its behalf. The reader can also submit the fault repair directly through the school WeChat platform, and report the time of failure and the specific location, so that The network management center staff can solve problems quicker and easier.


    2 Which locations of the librarydo provide network services?


    A: The library has achieved the full coverage of the wired network and the wireless network. The readers can use the electronic resources in the library directly or browse other resources on the computer in the information sharing spaceand multimedia reading areacomputer. You can also take your own portable devices such as laptops to the library to use electronic resources.


    3 Can I donate books to the library?


    A: Yes. Welcome to donate at any time.


    4.How can I consult a librarian?


    A: The library provides a variety of consultation methods such as face-to-face and QQ consultation to meet the different needs of readers. Consult QQ as the Schoolmaster(2128851930). In order to save your time, please look over the FAQs in the Library FAQ before consulting. To see whether it can solve your problems, If not, please consult the librarian.


    5.What student organizations are there in the library?


    A: The library has a number of student organizations such as Library Student Management Committee, Reader Service Association, Volunteer and Library Explanatory Team.


    6.Does the library have a job-study position?


    A: Yes. Library provides a certain number of work-study jobs to college students each semester. Students in need can apply for the work-study job in the library in accordance with the relevant regulations of the college.


    7.Can I participate in library related work if I like the atmosphere and environment of the library?


    A: The library will recruit volunteers for the whole college every semester. Students who like the library can register for the competition. Students who have qualified interviews can participate in library-related work, to become student librarians, and do their part for the library.


    8 What cultural activities are there in the library?


    A: Every year, the library will hold events such asWorld Reading Day, Graduation Season Farewell,Promotion Activity for Freshers' Season, Campus Reading Month and other activities during major festivals and major school events. There are also Qinhu Paintings and Calligraphy boutique series activities, etc. Interested readers could pay attention to the library homepage announcement and official WeChat timely access to relevant information.